We are a marketing resource for hundreds of RIAs and IARs

Marketing Services for Financial Advisors

Our lead generation and digital marketing services have the same core purpose – produce more leads for your firm or practice.

Paladin Registry is our lead generation service – we produce leads for you.

If you have a website, our digital marketing services help you produce your own leads.

Then we provide additional marketing tools and services that help you convert the leads into revenue producing clients.

A Typical Sales Process

You need leads to start your sales process. But, a lead may be nothing more than an investor’s name and contact information. Your sales process has to:

  • Initiate contact with the lead
  • Confirm the lead is a qualified prospect
  • Schedule an in-depth interview
  • Compete with other financial advisors
  • Win new clients

We can help.

Win More Clients

You may be a salesperson, a financial planner, an investment advisor, or all three. Regardless of your responsibilities you will benefit when you use Paladin’s marketing services to win more clients.

We make the marketing process easier for advisors who may not view themselves as sales professionals.

We can be your marketing department or provide specific services that increase your productivity.

Competitive Advantage

Financial advisors use our tools and services to:

  • Differentiate them from other advisors
  • Stand-out in a crowded field
  • Maximize credibility and trust

Paladin Registry

Several marketing tools and services are provided to members of Paladin’s Registry.

The Registry’s most popular service is lead generation, however hundreds of financial advisors also use the Registry’s marketing tools and services to convert more leads into prospects and clients.

Paladin Digital Marketing

You can access additional marketing tools and services when you use Paladin’s digital marketing services. You can integrate the tools and services into Paladin services that increase your Internet visibility, website traffic, and website conversion rates.

Why Paladin?

In the financial service industry, it is well-known that the advisor with the most credibility wins 80% of the time. Several Paladin marketing tools are designed to increase your credibility.

Investors also put tremendous importance on trust. Advisors use Paladin marketing tools and services to practice transparency and prove they trustworthy, safer choices for investors.

For example, we provide the information that investors need to select you as their advisor.