Blog Articles for Financial Advisors

"Blog content is a great marketing strategy
If you play by Google's rules"

Developing and promoting blog articles is an integral part of Inbound Marketing. The right blog content impacts your website’s:

  • Internet visibility
  • Flow of ¬†traffic
  • Credibility and trust
  • Conversion rates (leads)

However, you must play by Google rules that impact the Internet visibility of your articles.

Google Requirements

All Paladin blog content meets Google requirements for originality, length, design, and readership. Plus, you own the content and all rights associated with the content.

Content Services

Writing and editing blog articles is one step in a seven step process that includes:

  • Targeting your ideal types of clients
  • Researching topics, headlines, and keywords
  • Writing and editing original articles
  • Selecting and licensing graphics for each article
  • Making compliance revisions as required
  • Adding your biography and back-linking to your website
  • Optimizing articles for maximum Internet exposure

Who Writes the Articles?

We write the articles or if you have the time, skills, and inclination you write the articles and we provide the other six services.

Our Pricing

Our pricing for producing blog articles is based on four variables:

  • The services we provide for each article
  • The experience level of our writers and editors (Gold, Silver,Bronze)
  • The billing rate for the writers (cents per word)
  • The number of words in the article (500-3,000)

You may want us to produce one article per month or two articles per week. The choice is yours.

Our Promotion Services

Our Inbound Marketing experts will also promote the content for you using social and CRM marketing strategies.

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