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Digital Marketing Department

Digital marketing is a complex process for three important reasons. Paladin has to reach investors on the Internet, get them to visit advisor websites, and convince them to give-up their anonymity and submit their contact information to financial advisors.

Digital Marketing Department- Paladin Digital Marketing
Specialized Knowledge

It takes a team of professionals with multiple skill sets to produce digital marketing results for our clients.

Relationship Managers

Every Paladin client is assigned a dedicated relationship manager, so our clients have a single point of contact. Managers are responsible for the delivery of all Paladin services.

Flexible Teams

The composition of our teams vary based on the service levels (there are 5) that are selected by our clients. Teams can scale up or down based on the evolving needs of our clients.

Fast Start-Ups

We are staffed to begin work immediately and we can add more resources based on our clients’ requirements and timelines.

Outsourcing Makes Cents

Outsourcing your digital marketing requirements is cost effective. You pay a fixed monthly fee for Paladin’s retainer-based services. You do not pay expensive salaries and benefits to employees and there are no independent contractor issues.

What about one service?

We do that too. Perhaps you want to add a video to your current website or start a paid advertising campaign. Paladin provides more than 20 digital marketing services. One service or our digital marketing department – the choice is yours.

Time is money-Paladin Digital Marketing
Custom digital marketing solutions-Paladin Digital Marketing

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