Marketing is the one expense
that makes you money

Service Fees

Start with a fixed fee arrangement and add PAL when you want more leads.


All of Paladin’s lead generation services are based on month-to-month relationships. There are NO contracts, NO annual payments in advance, NO minimum time commitments, and NO service initiation fees.

Fixed Fee

A fixed fee covers your membership in the Registry and the cost of the leads that we produce for you. Fixed fees vary by location and minimum asset requirement.

PAL Retainer

Your PAL account is a marketing retainer that we use to increase the number of leads that we produce for you. We layer the PAL retainer on top of your membership fee so we have more dollars for the generation of leads.

PAL retainer amounts are based on:

  • The number of leads you would like to receive each month
  • Your minimum asset requirement
  • Your location (population)

Your PAL retainer amount also acts as a cap. We will not exceed this amount on a monthly basis. Talk to a Paladin representative if you would like to establish a retainer without a cap.

We debit your PAL account when we produce leads for you. Any unused PAL dollars are rolled over to the subsequent month. We bill as necessary to replenish your account and any unused PAL dollars are refundable.

Electronic Billing

All billing arrangements are electronic. You can start and stop your billing at any time with a telephone call or email.

Positive ROI

Based on your minimum asset requirement, one new client can cover the Registry’s annual marketing expense for as many years as you retain the client.