Our marketing services help you convert more leads into revenue producing clients

Registry Marketing Tools & Services

Financial advisors who are members of Paladin’s Registry have access to a number of marketing tools and services that help them convert more leads into revenue producing clients.

Many of these advisors report substantial increases in the percentage of leads that they convert into revenue producing clients.

Marketing Tools & Services

The most successful financial advisors are very skilled at developing credibility and trust at all stages of the sales process. They are also skilled at differentiating their firms from their competition.

At the core of this strategy are marketing practices that are based on full transparency, documentation for key information, and proof statements:

  • Registry Membership
  • Professional Profile
  • Icons
  • Check a Credential
  • Code of Ethics / Bill of Rights
  • PR Certified
  • Paladin Publishing
  • Sales Guides for Advisors

Paladin’s marketing tools and services can be used with any lead, prospect, or Center of Influence.

Registry Membership

A Registry membership should be part of your marketing strategy for five reasons:

  • We only profile vetted, rated, documented financial advisors
  • We are the only SEC registered firm that provides these services
  • We provide the information investors need to select you
  • You have access to our lead generation services
  • You have access to our marketing tools and services

Document your membership with a Paladin certificate.

Professional Profile

Paladin produces a professional profile for each member of the Registry. You use the profile to practice the highest form of transparency – voluntary documentation. Investors do not have to ask the right questions to obtain the information they need to select you.


Icons provide visual proof you are a current member of the Registry. You select the icon that works best for you: Member, 5 Star, Fiduciary, Fee Only, Certified, or Validated.

The icons appear on your professional profile and directory listing. You can also publish the icons on your website with a link back to your professional profile.

Check a Credential

Paladin maintains the most comprehensive database on the Internet for financial advisor certifications and designations (250+). You can use this service to validate your own credentials or make it a free service offering on your website. Some advisors even recommend investors use this service to check the quality of their competitors’ credentials.

Each designation has a research report and a quality rating.

Code of Ethics / Bill of Rights

Several associations provide Codes of Ethics, but they are not as investor-centric as they should be. Paladin produces a Code of Ethics that is focused on the best interests of investors.

Paladin will also develop custom Codes of Ethics that reflect the specific business practices of your firm.

Some advisors prefer an investor’s Bill of Rights – what investors can expect if they select your firm.

PR Certified

One more form of proof is to use Paladin’s PR Certified service that uses a background check to validate the quality of your credentials and ethics. Advisors who use this service usually select the Certified icon to distinguish them from other advisors. This service also attaches a Findings Report to your professional profile – one more source of proof you are a competent, ethical financial professional.

Paladin Publishing

You can write blog articles and Paladin will optimize them for the Internet. Or, Paladin professionals will write the articles for you. Our services include keyword research, titling, content, graphics, optimization, and publishing.

Who writes articles? Experts write articles. This is a way to build your credibility on the Internet.

Sales Guides

We have helped advisors grow their businesses for the past 15 years. We have documented many of their best practices in sales guides.

For example, we provide a Guide that helps you convert more leads into appointments. Another Guide shows you how investors use the Internet to find, research, and contact financial advisors.

Paladin Pricing

Most of the services on this page are covered by the Registry’s monthly membership fee. Some services are available for additional fees.