Financial advisors use blog articles to increase their visibility on the Internet

Blog Writing Services for Financial Advisors

Developing and promoting blog articles is an integral part of Inbound Marketing.

The right blog content impacts your:

  • Your visibility on the Internet
  • Traffic to your website
  • Your credibility
  • Your conversion rates

Google Rules the Internet

If you want your content to rank on page one of Google, you must play by four Google rules that impact the organic ranking of your articles:

  • 1000 words or more
  • Original content
  • Consistent flow of new content
  • People must read the articles

Who Writes the Articles?

You can write the articles or Paladin professionals will write the articles for you. Or, you and Paladin write articles to increase the number of articles per month.

If you prefer to write the articles, Paladin can manage the process for you.

Content Management Services

The production of high quality blog articles is a multi-step process:

  • Manage your editorial calendar
  • Research keywords, headlines, topics
  • Writing and editing original articles
  • Selecting and licensing graphics for each article
  • Making compliance revisions as required
  • Adding your biography and back-linking to your website
  • Optimizing articles for maximum Internet exposure

What Types of Content?

When advisors write articles, all to often they focus on topics that interest them. However, the best content will be about topics that interest their ideal types of clients. The best content will be about solutions for investor pain points. For example, retirees who are concerned about their financial security late in life.

Our Pricing

Our pricing for producing blog articles is based on four variables:

  • The services we provide for each article
  • The experience level of our writers
  • The number of words in each article
  • The number of articles per month

Our Promotion Services

We can also increase the reach of your content by promoting it in social media and drip emails.