We vet and document advisor qualifications for investors

How it Works

We produce leads exclusively for vetted members of the Paladin Registry.

Step one is registration. Our online process is fast, free, and easy-to-use:

  • You open an account so we can password protect your responses
  • You complete our questionnaire
  • We review your responses
  • We email your results in three business days

We Protect Your Privacy

We use your responses for vetting and the production of a professional profile.

Our emails, that match you to investors, include a link to your profile.

No other person or firm has access to your information.

Our Vetting Process

Paladin Research reviews your questionnaire responses and public data:

  • FINRA and/or SEC documentation
  • Results from Google name searches for advisors and firms
  • Content on advisor websites
  • Content on third party websites

Professional Profiles

Our profile documents your credentials, ethics, business practices, and services.

You practice transparency and investors do not have to ask the right questions.

Most investors will view profile data before they schedule interviews.


We bill a designated account each month for your membership fee and your PAL retainer (if applicable). You can discontinue the billing at any time with a telephone call or email.

Validation & Match Processing

Paladin search consultants are responsible for:

  • Validating the accuracy of investor data
  • Matching investor data to member data
  • Sending simultaneous, introductory emails to investors and members
  • Following-up with investors


You begin receiving leads when your billing account is established and your profile is activated.

Allocating  Leads

Our computer program rotates leads between Registry members based on their locations, minimum asset requirements, services, recent activity, and available marketing amounts.