Investors Find Financial Advisors On The Internet

Digital Marketing Sales Funnels

Digital sales funnels are designed to create leads and nurture them into revenue producing clients.

Paladin uses SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) to create online visibility that makes the Internet the top of financial advisor sales funnels.

Then we build custom, lead generation websites that convert more visitors into qualified leads and leads into future clients.

Why do Investors Use the Internet to “Find” Financial Advisors?

We know increasing numbers of investors are using the Internet to find financial advisors for three reasons.

First, the Internet makes the process for finding financial advisors easy and safe.

Second, the Internet gives investors more control over who they select for interviews.

Third, investors can be anonymous until they initiate contact with financial advisors.

This makes online visibility and website traffic two of Paladin’s most important digital marketing services.

Why do Investors Use the Internet to “Research” Financial Advisors

Before investors contact advisors, they want to learn more about their firms and the professionals who work there.

82% of investors visit advisor websites to find the information they are seeking. And, 64% will Google search names to find additional information, reviews, ratings, etc.

This process is a major benefit for investors because they are not limited to information that is provided to them by financial advisors.

High Quality Leads

Digital marketing produces high-quality leads for two important reasons:

  • Investors initiate contact with financial advisors.
  • Investors research firms and professionals before they initiate contact.

They must like what they see, during the research phase, to give-up their anonymity and submit their contact information.

Firms, who have been researched by investors, should have competitive advantage during the interview phase.