Digital Marketing is Your Best Source for High Quality Leads

Lead Generation for Financial Firms

Paladin provides an array of digital marketing services that financial firms use to generate online visibility, website traffic, and qualified leads for their planning and investment services.

Visibility, traffic, and website conversion rates are the three keys to a successful digital marketing experience. 

Investors Find Firms

Increasing numbers of investors are using the Internet to find financial advisors. This process gives them increased control over who they contact for interviews (traditional or virtual).

The investors’ process is as simple as entering a few keywords into Google. Some investors make the searches geo-specific by adding their location to their keywords.

Paladin’s role is to maximize the visibility of your firm on the Internet.

Investors Research Firms

82% of investors, who use the Internet to find financial advisors, will visit the advisors’ websites. Their second go-to method for researching financial advisors is to Google search their names.

The second vital step in this sales funnel is getting investors from the Internet, where they find financial advisors, to the advisors’ websites where they can learn more about the firms and the professionals who work there.

What investors see on financial advisor websites will determine if they contact the advisors. It stands to reason, advisor websites have to be competitive with other firms to persuade investors to give-up their anonymity and initiate contact.

Investors want to know (partial list):

  • Information about the firm: Longevity, AUM, location
  • Information about professionals: Experience, education, certifications
  • Types of clients served by the firm
  • Types of service provided by the firm
  • Top five reasons why investors should contact the firm

A high percentage of investors will contact firms that specialize in working with clients like themselves.

Typical Leads for Advisors

In general, the Internet will produce leads that are individual investors who are seeking help to plan their financial futures and invest their assets. These investors fall into several categories:

  • Replacing their current financial advisors
  • Rolling 401k assets into IRAs
  • Transitioning from DIY to financial advisors
  • Relocating to a new city
  • Experiencing special situations (inheritance, divorce, illness, widowhood)

High-Quality Leads

We say digital marketing produces high-quality leads for one reason. Investors have learned more about your firm before they made the decision to contact you.