Paladin + HubSpot
A unique Fintech solution
that produces exceptional ROI

HubSpot Services for Financial Advisors

Today’s investors have more power than ever to determine who they interview and select to be their financial advisors.

Investors have become masters at avoiding sales people – that is, they block calls, they filter emails, and they discard direct mail without reading it. They even research advisors online before they are willing to respond to calls or emails!

When investors use the Internet to find and screen financial advisors, it creates a unique business opportunity to use Inbound Marketing to add new clients, assets, and revenues.

About Hubspot

HubSpot, a NYSE company, provides marketing, sales, customer service, and CRM software that runs successful Inbound Marketing programs for more than 40,000 global clients.

The foundation of HubSpot is change – that is, how the Internet has changed the way people find, research, and make selection decisions. HubSpot’s founders were among the first to recognize how obsolete Outbound Marketing tactics (cold calling, direct mail, email blasts) no longer produced positive ROI – too much rejection and too little new revenue.

HubSpot is a global leader in the transition from Outbound to Inbound Marketing principles by recognizing people do not want to be interrupted by marketers or harassed by salespeople. They want help from financial experts they can trust.

The HubSpot solution was to a develop a fully integrated software system that automated the Inbound Marketing process.

Our Clients

Paladin is a specialized HubSpot agency that provides digital marketing services to independent RIAs and IARs who own their firms and websites. Paladin does not provide Inbound Marketing services to any other type of firm or professional.

Our Fintech Advantage

The foundation of this Fintech service is Paladin’s knowledge of the financial service industry (investors, advisors) combined with HubSpot technology that automates Inbound Marketing for RIAs and IARs.

Paladin and HubSpot services can help you:

  • Increase your Internet visibility using blogging, social media, and local SEO
  • Drive more visitors to your website
  • Convert more visitors into leads using landing pages, CTAs, and free offers
  • Convert more leads into qualified prospectsinto clients: Use landing pages, email marketing, and dynamic calls-to-action to generate more leads.
  • Convert more prospects into revenue producing clients using Paladin’s suite of marketing tools
  • Track visitor traffic and conversion rates