Money Managers

Use our research and vetting to find the best new money managers

It is our intent to identify money managers who bring something special to the table and wholesale their services through RIAs and IARs.

Vetting Managers

We vet money managers four ways:

  • Who makes the investment decisions?
  • What is their investment process?
  • What makes them unique?
  • How valid is their track record?

Manager Profiles

We produce manager profiles that document key features that impact their ability to produce consistent, competitive rates of return. Profiles also contain additional information that helps you determine if a particular manager should be added to your approved list.

Undiscovered Managers

There is a good chance you have not previously heard of the some of the managers that are listed in the Paladin Manager Directory.

Our Objectivity

Paladin is not compensated by the money managers who appear in the Directory.


Click here if you know a manager that should be added to the Directory.

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