Qualified Investor Leads For Financial Advisors

Lead Generation for Financial Advisors

Paladin provides an array of digital marketing services that financial advisors use to generate online visibility, website traffic, and most importantly leads for their planning and investment services.

We should schedule a time to talk if your current digital marketing efforts are not generating new leads for your firm. 

How Investors Find Advisors

Increasing numbers of investors are using the Internet to find financial advisors.

This is as simple as entering a few keywords into Google or another search engine.

Some investors add city and state to their online searches. This is becoming less frequent as more investors embrace the reality of virtual relationships with financial advisors.

How Investors Research Advisors

Lead generation is the number one goal for most financial advisors. However, there is another important part of investor selection processes that should not be overlooked.

Investors also use the Internet to research financial advisors:

  • Visit financial advisor websites
  • Google search financial advisor names
  • Read blog articles and pillar pages
  • Review social media posts
  • Check regulatory agency databases

What happens when investors do not find the information they seeking? They contact the firms that do provide the right information.

Who are the Leads?

In general, the Internet will produce leads that are typically individual investors who are seeking help to plan their financial futures and invest their assets. These investors fall into several categories:

  • Replacing their current financial advisors
  • Rolling 401k assets into IRAs
  • Transitioning from DIY to financial advisors
  • Relocating to a new city
  • Experiencing special situations (inheritance, divorce, illness, widowhood)