Qualified Investor Leads For Financial Advisors

Lead Generation

WiserAdvisor produces qualified leads for professionals and firms that prefer to outsource their lead generation requirements to a third party.

WiserAdvisor has produced leads for financial advisors since 1998.

Paladin sold its Registry service to WiserAdvisor in 2019 so it could focus on digital marketing. We continue to share the Paladin name with WiserAdvisor.

Individual Investors

Leads are individual investors who are seeking planning and investment services. These investors use the Internet to find advisors when they are:

  • Replacing current financial advisors
  • Rolling 401k assets into IRAs
  • Transitioning from DIY to financial advisors
  • Relocating to a new city
  • Special situations (inheritors, divorcees, widows)

Some investors may also be seeking professionals who provide insurance, tax, and legal advice.

Inbound Marketing

All leads are produced using Inbound Marketing strategies that require investors to initiate contact with WiserAdvisor.

WiserAdvisor does not use any Outbound Marketing tactics, for example, cold calling and direct mail, to reach investors and produce leads for financial advisors.

WiserAdvisor is a source of warm leads because contact is always initiated by investors.

Validated Leads

The contact information for all leads has been validated for accuracy by professionals at WiserAdvisor.

Match Processing

Investors are matched to advisors based on their:

  • Locations
  • Service requirements (planning, investing)
  • Available assets
  • Special requirements

Next Steps

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