Resources are firms and professionals who provide
state-of-the-art services to independent RIAs and IARs.

There are thousands of firms that market a broad array of services to RIAs and IARs. A small percentage of these firms deliver leading edge services that help financial firms and professionals grow their businesses.

Members of Paladin’s Registry help us identify these unique, state-of-the-art service providers.

Paladin vets the the firms, provides summary descriptions of their services, and contact information.


TactiBrand is a major marketing resource for RIAs and a Paladin Partner. Paladin and TactiBrand work together to provide top quality marketing, branding, consulting, and education services to financial professionals and firms.

TactiBrand has provided marketing and consulting services to financial advisors and firms since 2000. Their expertise includes building custom financial brands and teaching financial professionals how to design and implement successful marketing strategies at Financial Marketing University.


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Ron Surz

Ron is the Paladin Partner in charge of Paladin’s FinTech Services platform.


Wavelength Financial Education 

Description: Investor Education Content

You need a different approach to reach Millennials, women, and newer investors.  Recent studies show most women investors expect more education from advisors, but find traditional content dry, boring, and difficult to understand.   Millennials are another unique challenge. Many have an innate fear of the stock market and do not trust advisors.  Few of these investors understand the unique benefits of working with an RIA or IAR. What to do? Forget sales pitches—those don’t work anymore. Build trust by providing quality content that educates investors to select you! Wavelength provides content and tools to help you capture the attention of these investors and convert them to clients.

Source: Wavelength Financial Education Inc.

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Success Rankings

Description: Real Rankings for Money Managers

Traditional peer group rankings for money managers reward failures. That’s because peer groups contain managers who have failed to outperform their benchmarks. A great money manager may be the best or the worst. There is better way. Success Rankings reports are limited to managers that outperform their benchmarks.  A high success ranking says exceptional performance was not based on luck. Ranking reports are available a few days after the end of a quarter.

Source: Paladin Financial Technologies

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