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Digital Marketing Services - Paladin
ServicesDescription of Services
Brand ManagementWhat do investors see when they Google search your firm's name. Do they have a positive experience that enhances your credibility. Or, do they experience a vacuum that causes them look elsewhere for a financial advisory firm.
Analytics & ReportingWe can analyze the marketplace, competitors, or your online presence and produce monthly reports that track the relative performance of your digital marketing efforts. This data is part of the foundation for making the Internet your best source for new clients.
Conversion OptimizationOur team of consultants can create a seamless process you use to convert leads into prospects and prospects into revenue producing clients. The process starts on the Internet and is complete when a prospect signs your service agreement.
CRM IntegrationWe can integrate our HubSpot technology into your existing CRM system. Our technology monitors your Internet visibility and the performance of your website. The two systems interact with each other to produce a seamless lead nurturing system.
CTAs and Landing PagesA CTA (Call to Action) leads website visitors to landing pages that capture their contact information. The best landing pages make investors feel safe when they submit their contact information.
Custom eBooksGoogle says the more free offers that appear on financial advisor websites, the more leads the websites will produce. The best free offers are eBooks that address common financial pain points for your ideal types of clients.
Digital Marketing ConsultingYou have specific goals for your firm. You need a strategy for achieving the goals. Digital marketing should be a major part or our strategy. Our consultants can help you develop a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that is based on best practices.
Digital PRWe can produce press releases that are published on the Internet on a scheduled basis. The releases are one more way to expand your online visibility.
Market ResearchHow do your primary competitors use the Internet to market their services? How do they create online competitive advantage for their firms? Our team of researchers can provide the answers.
Online ReputationWe can manage your online reputation for you. It is inevitable that more investors will be posting online reviews about financial advisors. The sooner you know about the reviews, the sooner you can respond to them.
Welcome Kits and BrochuresWe can produce online welcome kits, brochures, eBooks and produce print versions for you.

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