Digital marketing services for a fixed monthly fee

How much do financial advisors pay for their digital marketing services?

Paladin clients select bundled or unbundled digital marketing services and the level of service that fits their goals and marketing budgets.

Our goal is a long-term relationship that is based on meeting our clients’ expectations for Internet visibility, website traffic, and conversions.


We have month-to-month relationships with our clients. There are no minimum time commitments or other contractual obligations.

Service Levels

Bronze, Silver, and Gold level clients have prescribed levels of services that determine the numbers of hours of digital marketing services that we provide each month.

25 hours per month is the minimum service level (Bronze) for building a presence on the Internet that produces the results that our clients are seeking.

Platinum clients have service requirements that exceed Gold (60 hours). The fee for this service level is subject to quote.

Higher service levels produce more visibility and traffic faster than lower service levels.

Five levels of service-Paladin Digital Marketing

Retainer-Based Fee

We charge a fixed monthly retainer that covers the cost of building a digital marketing foundation and providing the inbound marketing services that produce Internet visibility and website traffic.

This fee arrangement works best for clients that are outsourcing their recurring digital marketing work to Paladin.

Individual Service Fee

Some clients outsource their need for a specific digital marketing service or project to Paladin. In that case, clients pay a one-time project fee or a fixed monthly fee for a recurring service. For example, a client is seeking a new logo, an on-demand webinar, or the management of a paid advertising campaign on FaceBook or Google.

This fee arrangement works best when clients are seeking a specific service or a limited number of digital marketing services.

Hourly Fees

Clients have the option of buying additional hours of work per month on an as-needed basis. The hours can be used for special projects (develop a webinar) or to accelerate the completion date of a current project. Buying additional hours can be lieu of subscribing to higher service levels.

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