How about digital marketing services for a fixed monthly fee?

How much do financial advisors pay for digital marketing services?

Paladin clients select bundled or unbundled services and the fee arrangement that best fits their goals, requirements, and marketing budgets.


Paladin does not have minimum time commitments or other contractual obligations.

4 Levels of Service

Starter, Prime, and Excel have prescribed service levels – for example, the numbers of blog articles and social media posts that are produced each month.

The two higher service levels (Prime and Excel) each represent additional digital marketing work that is completed by Paladin professionals each month.

Premier clients mandate the level of service that is provided by Paladin. Premier client fees are subject to quote.

Five levels of service-Paladin Digital Marketing

OnBoarding Fee

We charge a one time onboarding fee when we are responsible for the development and execution of our clients’ digital marketing strategies. Our onboarding services include: A comprehensive questionnaire, interviews, market research, competitive analysis, differentiating characteristics, and development of key features/benefits.

Fixed Monthly Retainer

We charge a fixed monthly retainer that covers the cost of our recurring digital marketing services – for example, the monthly Inbound Marketing services that produce online visibility and traffic to your website.

This fee arrangement works best for clients that are outsourcing all of their digital marketing work to Paladin.

Individual Service Fees

You may want to outsource your need for a specific digital marketing service or project to Paladin. In that case, you pay a one-time fee or a fixed monthly fee for the service(s) you select. For example, you want help building your brand,  producing a webinar, or managing a paid advertising campaign on FaceBook or Google.

This fee arrangement works best when you are seeking a specific service or a limited number of digital marketing services.

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