We provide digital marketing services for fixed monthly fees

Our Fee Arrangement

You select the fee arrangement that fits your service requirements and marketing budget.


There are no contractual obligations. Your relationship with Paladin is based on a month-to-month service agreement. Our services have to meet your expectations for value and results.

Bundled Pricing

We can provide bundled pricing to clients who want to outsource all of their digital marketing requirements to Paladin. Or, we can unbundle our pricing for individual client services.

Service Levels

We offer multiple service levels (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Platinum+) to clients who are seeking bundled services.

Each higher level of service represents additional work that is being completed by Paladin professionals each month. This feature enables our clients to select the service level that best fits their requirements and digital marketing budgets.

Five levels of service-Paladin Digital Marketing

OnBoarding Fee

We charge a one time onboarding fee when we are responsible for the development and execution of our clients’ digital marketing strategies. Our onboarding services include: Comprehensive questionnaires, interviews, market research, competitive analysis, differentiating characteristics, and development of key features/benefits.

Fixed Monthly Retainer

We charge a fixed monthly retainer that covers the cost of several digital marketing services. For example, the design and development of a custom lead generation website and the Inbound Marketing services that produce online visibility and traffic for the website.

Our retainer covers the cost of a team of digital marketing experts that includes a relationship manager and five to seven professionals with specialized skill sets.

This fee arrangement works best when you are seeking a full-service digital marketing relationship.

Individual Service Fees

You may want to outsource your need for a specific digital marketing service. In that case, you only pay for that service. For example, you want help producing a webinar or managing a paid advertising campaign on FaceBook or Google.

This fee arrangement works best when you are seeking a specific service or a limited number of services.

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