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Why are financial service firms transitioning to digital marketing?

Investors use the Internet to find, research, and contact financial advisors.

Outbound Marketing is Obsolete

Advisors used Outbound Marketing sales tactics, for example cold calling, to initiate contact with investors. However, increasing numbers of investors used Caller ID and spam filters to avoid these unwanted solicitations. Consequently, old sales tactics are rapidly becoming obsolete because they are expensive, time consuming, and rejection rates approach 100%.

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Digital Marketing Produces Superior Results

The Internet has created a major business opportunity. Investors use it find, research, and contact financial advisors. When investors contact advisors, they solve the biggest problem that impacted Outbound Marketing results – reaching investors who did not want to be contacted.

Digital Marketing also has challenges. For example, investors have to be able to find advisors on the Internet, they have to visit advisor websites, and they need compelling reasons to give-up their anonymity and initiate contact.

We provide the digital marketing services you need to produce positive ROI.

Digital marketing is more than the production of leads!


What are investors seeking when they visit your website and Google search your name? They want to learn more about your firm. The more credible you appear on the Internet the higher the probability you will be contacted by investors.


Digital marketing starts with building brand awareness on the Internet. the more visible you are on the Internet, they easier you are to find. What matters is ranking on page one of Google for keywords that drive the right traffic to your website.


A key metric for your firm’s digital marketing success is how your website converts visitors into high quality leads. Great websites give investors several compelling reasons to give-up their anonymity and submit their contact information.


The Internet gives investors unprecedented power. They are anonymous until they initiate contact. What they see on the Internet and websites determines who they contact. This is a challenge and a major marketing opportunity.

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You know the Internet is not producing leads, but you may not know why.

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