Paid Advertising Campaigns for Financial Advisors

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is paid advertising campaigns.

Instant Visibility on Google

There are two popular ways to build your online visibility. One is using an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy to build your visibility on the Internet. Your goal is page one visibility on Google for search terms that drive the right types of investors to your website’s blog or other functionality. 

The other strategy is SEM (Search Engine Marketing) that you can use to buy instant visibility on the major search engines. It takes a pretty significant marketing budget to make these pay per click campaigns work. Your ads are visible as long as there is money in your account. You can also budget the amount you want to spend each day.

SEO vs SEM Paladin Digital Marketing

Test Your Ads

We recommend creating multiple audiences for your advertising campaigns. An audience is your ideal client that may be based on several variables that include: Work status, location, age, profession, interests, concerns, etc. We want to be sure your ads target the right audiences. 

We conduct channel-by-channel research to make sure you are positioned to compete against other firms in the same space.

We develop various offers (events, webinars, workshops, eBooks) to determine which one produces the best leads.

If you are a first-time advertiser, we recommend a three month test to evaluate the ROI by channel. This time commitment provides enough time to test the performance of various ads and monitoring leads for quality and relevance.


You may find advertising on Facebook is a more cost effective strategy than going head-to-head with the brand names on Google. Even with Facebook we recommend starting with a small advertising budget and testing various ads with different audiences. Your results will help us fine-tune your strategy to optimize results and minimize your cost per lead.


Another way to reach a very targeted audience is to “boost” the visibility of your content on Facebook.  We recommend boosting specific blog content with the goal of building brand awareness and getting your information in front of as many people as possible.

Financial advisor advertising
Facebook Boosting

Service Fees 

There is a one-time fee to develop:

  • Campaign strategies and personas
  • Custom advertising copy
  • Research reports (competition, markets, keywords)
  • A current branding strategy and image
  • Landing pages for each offer
  • Target audiences
  • Re-marketing strategies

There is a monthly retainer to manage and report the results of each campaign. Fees vary based on the ad spend and the number of campaigns.

The monthly retainer covers:

  • A/B testing
  • Ongoing analytics
  • Copy updates
  • Performance tracking
  • Monthly reporting

The monthly retainer may be a percent of your monthly spend or a minimum fee.

Paid Advertising = Part Art, Part Science

You need a solid strategy to run an effective paid advertising campaign. Our team of specialists has been generating online leads for financial advisors for 16 years.