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5 reasons differentiate Paladin from other digital marketing agencies!

Industry Knowledge

Paladin’s team of professionals are experienced digital marketing experts. Our management team spent decades in the financial service industry before they launched Paladin Digital marketing. We speak your language. We understand the nuances of marketing financial advisors and their services on the Internet.

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Digital marketing services for financial advisors

Custom Solutions

We do not mass produce websites and provide a library of content that is shared by hundreds or thousands of financial advisors. We design and develop custom, lead generation websites that fit the unique characteristics of our clients. Then we provide original content that is optimized to meet all of Google’s requirements for maximum SEO.


Financial advisors prefer Paladin because they can fill all of their digital marketing requirements with one provider. As a sole provider, Paladin can act as a firms’ digital marketing department and be more accountable than multiple providers that provide separate services that do not work together.

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Measurable Results

Paladin provides comprehensive monthly reports and virtual quarterly reviews that document the results of your digital marketing efforts. Success is based on the achievement of your goals and new benchmarks are established at the quarterly reviews that are conducted by your Paladin relationship manager.

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Monthly Retainer

Financial advisors prefer Paladin’s month-to-month relationship with its clients. There are no contracts, advance payments, or lengthy time commitments. Clients have the option of paying a fixed monthly retainer that covers the cost of a custom website and the core SEO services that produce visibility and traffic for the website.

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