Websites are powerful sales tools!

We build custom websites that are optimized for Google requirements!

Your website has one opportunity to convert a visitor into a lead.

The 10 Second Challenge

When investors visit financial advisor websites, a recent Paladin survey showed they formed first impressions in 10 seconds or less. Does this website provide the services or information they are seeking?

Intuitive navigation and compelling messaging are critical elements that impact website conversion rates – visitors to leads.

Your website must also be competitive with other financial advisor websites. According to the same Paladin survey, investors who uses the Internet to find and research financial advisors will visit an average of 7 websites and contact 3 of them.

RIA Websites-Paladin Digital Marketing
RIA Websites Virtual Greeter-Paladin Digital Marketing

Virtual Marketing

This type of marketing is more complex than traditional marketing. In traditional, face-to-face situations you can use your sales skills to convince investors to buy what you are selling. In a virtual environment, your website must provide compelling reasons why investors should give-up their anonymity and contact you.

If your website fails to do its job, there is no sales opportunity.

All websites deliver information. Paladin websites have an extra dimension. Their messaging, content, and free offers convince investors to give-up their anonymity.

How many digital marketing agencies develop custom websites that produce high quality leads for financial industry firms?

Paladin is a unique digital marketing agency! We do not mass produce websites or content. We provide custom solutions and original content that converts more visitors into qualified leads.
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The key to a productive website is making connections. We build websites that connect your ideal types of clients to your firm. The stronger the connection the higher the probability website visitors will give-up their anonymity and contact you.

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Websites do not produce their own traffic. Internet visibility produces traffic. Page one visibility on Google produces the most traffic. Our websites and Inbound Marketing services are optimized for Google’s requirements:  Speed, on-page SEO, and local visibility.

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On the one hand, most financial advisor firms deliver similar planning and investment services for the same fees. On the other hand, all advisors have key differences that benefit investors. It is our job to identify those differences and display them on advisor websites.

Paladin websites have the following characteristics:

  • Custom features, content, and graphics
  • All original content and free offers
  • Best practices for design, development, and implementation
  • UI/UX design elements (HTML5, CSS3)
  • Integrated with HubSpot technology
  • Fully responsive with a mobile-first design
  • Hosted and maintained on a dedicated server
  • Optimized for Google SEO
  • Fast, responsive design (Google Performance Tests)
  • Social media integration

Positive ROI

There is a direct correlation between your website’s conversion rates and positive ROI.

Your website has one opportunity to convert a visitor into a qualified lead. This requires a positive first impression, delivery of the right information, and compelling free offers.

You website should be your best source for high quality leads.

Key Metrics

Our monthly reports and quarterly reviews document the three most important metrics that impact your digital marketing results:

  • How visible is your website on the Internet (page one keyword ranks)
  • How many investors visited your website (time-on-site, bounce rates)
  • How many visitors submitted contact data (conversion rates)

The reports display trends so you can monitor your progress.

Want to make the Internet your best source for high quality prospects?

We produce high quality, optimized websites that will get you and your firm the Internet visibility you need.