Would you rather read an article or watch a video?

Our surveys show 62% of investors prefer watching short, tightly scripted videos!

We combine our best practices with a full array of video services:

  • Strategic planning (topics, personas, distribution)
  • Storyboarding
  • Scripting, editing
  • Voiceovers, actors
  • Filming equipment
  • Staging
  • Post-production
  • Client & compliance reviews
  • Loading finished videos on websites

We can provide a turnkey service or specific services based on what our clients prefer to outsource to a digital marketing agency.

Video marketing has a unique characteristic that cannot be duplicated by print. 

Both mediums communicate information to investors.

Videos can:

  • Be more personal and engaging 
  • Communicate the personality, values, and culture of the firm 
  • Investors can meet one or more principals

Want to stand out in a crowded financial advisor marketplace?

Here are five ways video content from Paladin can help your firm:

Video marketing is a game changer.

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