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Following are responses to some frequently asked questions about Paladin and its digital marketing services. 

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How long has Paladin been in business?

The Paladin company was incorporated on April 1, 2003.

Who owns Paladin?

Principals who are active in its business.

Is Paladin staffed with employees or independent contractors?

Primarily employees, but a few independent contractors write content and provide programming services.

What digital marketing services are provided by Paladin?

Paladin provides 17 digital marketing services. For example, we develop custom lead generation websites, write original blog content, produce social media posts, design logos, manage advertising campaigns, and produce online videos. See What We Do for additional information about our services.

What types of firms use Paladin’s digital marketing services?

Paladin serves B2C and B2B firms in the financial industry. Clients must own their brands and websites to use Paladin’s digital marketing services. See Who We Serve for additional information about our clients.

What two characteristics define a Paladin client?

They are financial firms that use the Internet to build visibility for their brands and produce leads for their sales professionals. These advisors also have digital marketing budgets that cover the costs of these Paladin services.

Is there a unique feature that differentiates Paladin from other digital marketing agencies?

Our 20 years of financial industry experience plus our 19 years of digital marketing experience make us relatively unique.

What type of financial advisor does Paladin work for?

Paladin clients range from start-ups to RIAs with billions of dollars of AUM.

Does Paladin work with financial firms that are headquartered outside the U.S.?


Does Paladin work for financial firms that sell alternative investments?


What key metric drives the success of Paladin’s digital marketing services?

The number of immediate and deferred leads we produce for our clients each month.

Does Paladin require a contract to use its digital marketing services?

No, Paladin’s relationship with financial firms is based on a month-to-month agreement that documents our services and pricing.

Does Paladin charge an onboarding fee?


Who writes the content for financial advisor websites and blog sites?

That would be Paladin’s writers and editors, although that work can be shared with client professionals if they prefer to write their own content. 

Does Paladin produce original content that is optimized for the search engines?

100% of Paladin’s content is original and optimized for SEO.

Who owns all of Paladin’s work?

100% of Paladin’s work is owned by clients. This is documented in the Paladin service agreement.

How is Paladin compensated for its digital marketing services?

Our most popular arrangement is a fixed monthly retainer that covers our onboarding, website, and inbound marketing services. 

Will Paladin unbundle its fee for specific services?

Yes. All of our services can be unbundled for their individual use by our clients.

Does Paladin provide specialty services that are not covered by its retainer?

Yes, we provide several services that are outside the scope of our retainer. For example, paid advertising services, logos, business names, eBooks, webinars, videos, white boarding, etc.

What is covered in an introductory call?

You learn more about Paladin’s services and we learn more about your requirements and goals.

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