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Email marketing targets investors who are not ready to interview financial advisors.

Email marketing is the best way to keep your name in front of leads, prospects, clients, centers of influence, and other referral sources.

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Email Popularity

Every financial advisor should have an email marketing strategy that they use to communicate with investors who have not hired them – yet.

85% of Internet users rely on email as a primary method of communication.

Current Email Strategies

Ask yourself the following questions about your current email strategy:

  • How many people read your emails?
  • Do you send emails at the right time of the day?
  • Are you sending relevant content to various types of audiences?
  • Are you sending new, original content?
  • Are you communicating on a regular basis?
  • Is your current strategy producing traffic for your website or blog site?
  • Are your emails increasing your visibility on the Internet?
  • Are your email efforts producing leads?

Do your email open rates meet or beat current industry standards?

Our Email Marketing Campaigns Produce Results

Our team of experts manages email marketing campaigns so you can spend more time meeting with leads, prospects, and clients.

Compelling Titles

First impressions are a critical first-step for emails. They are headlines for your content. Titles motivate investors to open and read your content. Our role is to create intriguing email titles that ompel more people to open and actually read your emails.

List Segmentation

Are you sending the right content to the investors on your email lists? Your open and unsubscribe rates will answer this question.  We recommend segmented lists so investors are reading content that has some relevance to their current situations.

Targeted Content

You should not send content that targets millennials to pre-retirees. People want to read about financial issues that impact them. Our team provides interesting, fresh, informative content for each of your segmented groups.

Compelling email titles-Paladin Digital Marketing
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Are your email marketing efforts paying off?

Our email marketing campaigns produce results.