RIA Start-Ups

"We provide turnkey, transition services for new RIAs"

Going Independent?  Breaking Away?  Giving up your securities licenses? Starting a new RIA?

We provide the advice and services you need to get it right the first time! All Paladin services are covered by a strict non-disclosure agreement.

Custom Solutions

Some people say RIAs look a lot alike – same services, same pricing, same marketing strategies.

Our experience is just the opposite. We believe every RIA is unique with characteristics that differentiate them from other RIAs.

The challenge is to identify those characteristics and present them in ways that build a unique identity that represents credibility and trust.

Business Strategy

You are entering one of America’s most competitive markets. There is very little margin for error. Small mistakes can have big consequences. Our strategic planning service helps you get it right the first time.

Turnkey Solutions

You have to replace names, tools, services and support that was provided to you by the firm you are leaving.

We research alternative services for you and recommend best-in-class service providers. We will even negotiate the financial arrangements for you.

You will have a full functioning RIA when you turn the lights on for the very first time.


Paladin provides marketing services to an exclusive list of RIAs. You pick the services that will help you grow your new firm:

  • Lead Generation
  • Marketing Tools
  • Custom Websites
  • Inbound Marketing
  • RIA Consulting

Paladin can be your digital marketing department for much less than the cost of one experienced professional.


We partner with Castellan Compliance to help you register your firm and provide ongoing compliance services.

Documents include: ADV Part 1, ADV Part 2, ADV Part 2B, Form U4, State filings, additional documents, and regulatory paperwork.

Castellan also provides custom documents that are tailored to your needs: Advisory Agreements, Planning Agreements, Codes of Ethics, Privacy Policies, Terms of Service, Policies & Procedures, Compliance Manuals, Business Continuity Plans, and Compliance Plans.

Castellan’s RIA services include on-going, technology driven compliance management and the creation of a robust compliance infrastructure to meet and exceed your firm’s regulatory requirements.