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Digital Marketing Overview

This page describes all of the key elements of a digital marketing strategy that produces results for financial advisory firms.

There are more elements, let’s call them bells and whistles, but these are the key components you need to get it right and have a positive digital marketing experience. A positive experience means your digital marketing efforts increase brand awareness, build online credibility, and produce qualified prospects for your firm.

Digital Vs. Inbound

You may have heard people refer to digital marketing and inbound marketing as separate processes. They are the same process. They both use the Internet to produce online visibility, website traffic, and website conversions (visitors to leads).

Inbound marketing is the opposite of outbound marketing.

  • Inbound Marketing: Investors use the Internet to initiate contact with financial firms
  • Outbound Marketing: Financial firms initiate contact with investors (cold calls, direct mail)

For example, Paladin uses Inbound/Digital marketing to increase:

  • Internet visibility so your firm is easier to find
  • Traffic to your website
  • The number of leads produced by your website
Outbound marketing vs inbound marketing-Paladin Digital Marketing

Lead Generation Websites

Digital marketing starts with a website that is designed to convert visitors into qualified leads. Why spend money building traffic to a website that cannot the visitors into leads.

Your website should be your 24×7 online greeter where potential prospects can learn more about how you can assist them achieve their financial goals while overcoming any current challenges they have.

Content Marketing (Blogging)

A consistent flow of high-quality content is an essential part of any Inbound Marketing strategy. It is one of the ways you can increase your visibility on the Internet.

The goal is to get your keyword-rich content on page one of Google. Why page one? 91.5% of Google users do not scroll to page two. Because your goal is Google’s page one, you have to play by Google’s rules for content.

Social Media

Social media enhances the reach of your content. Promoting your own content is an important part of this process as it establishes you and your firm as subject matter experts.

Its equally important to share content from third parties to expand your reach and acquire new followers of influencers.

Monitoring your social media activity, along with the use of custom hashtags should drive more eyes to your content over time.

Local SEO

24.7% of Google’s algorithm for ranking websites is impacted by your local online visibility.

Local SEO is the process by which you manage directory business listings that investors see when they use the Internet to find local service providers.

You need consistent, accurate, up-to-date listings in the 70+ online directories. You can also use this process for reputation management. That is your process notifies you when there are online reviews so you can provide timely responses.

social media for financial advisors-Paladin Digital Marketing
Local SEO for financial advisors-Paladin Digital Marketing


Any lead that is produced by your website, that is not ready to interview you within 30 days, should be automatically uploaded into your drip email marketing system.

Periodic drips keep your name in front of leads until they are ready to schedule a time to talk.

Drip emails that also be used to increase your Internet visibility.


You may have professionals in-house who have specialized knowledge and time that is required to do the digital marketing work for you. If you don’t, you should consider outsourcing the work to an agency that specializes in your industry.

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