Do You Believe The Internet Will Impact The Financial Service Industry?

If your answer is yes, then you need a digital marketing solution that makes the Internet your best source for new client acquisitions.

Digital marketing uses the Internet to produce brand awareness, credibility, and leads for financial advisors!

It is unusual that every financial advisor has a website, but very few advisors have effective digital marketing strategies that make their websites an important source of high quality leads.

Paladin believes the Internet is beginning to have a bigger impact on the marketing practices of financial advisors. For example, financial advisors are abandoning obsolete outbound marketing practices (advisors contact investors) and have begun relying on inbound marketing practices (investors contact advisors).

Why has it taken so long for the Internet to impact the financial service industry? We believe the answer lies in Wall Street’s pervasive sales culture and the 650,000 advisors who relied on outbound marketing tactics to produce new clients.

The Internet makes inbound marketing possible!

The Digital Revolution

The principal beneficiaries of the digital marketing revolution are investors who rely on advisors to help them achieve their financial goals.

The revolution represents an exchange of power. In the past, investors had to talk to advisors to learn more about them. Today, they can visit financial advisor websites and Google search their names. They may even visit third party websites (FINRA, SEC, States) to learn more.

Outbound marketing vs inbound marketing-Paladin Digital Marketing

Advisors & Information

There are several reasons why investors prefer to use the Internet. They can:

  • Find financial advisors
  • Learn more about specific advisors
  • View general information about advisors
  • Learn more about financial topics
  • Maintain anonymity while they conduct their research
  • Contact advisors who meet their expectations

Digital Marketing Results

Three primary metrics drive the success of digital marketing strategies:

  • Financial advisor visibility on the Internet
  • Number of visitors on financial advisor websites
  • Websites conversion rates

Financial advisors must be visible on the Internet so investors can find them. This visibility must produce a steady stream of visitors to financial advisor websites. The advisor’s websites must convert a substantial number of visitors into leads and contacts.

Advisor Websites

Every financial advisor in America has a website. Their websites are a delivery system for information about the firms and the professionals who work there.

Advisor websites should also be their most powerful sales tool. Websites have to two to three minutes to create a first impression and deliver information that convinces visitors to give-up their anonymity and submit their contact information.

Visibility & Traffic

Several digital marketing strategies increase the Internet visibility of financial advisors and produce traffic for their websites. Advisors use four primary  important marketing strategies to increase their Internet visibility: Content marketing, social media, local SEO, and paid advertising.

The more visible the firm the greater the number of investors who visit  advisor websites. This creates a one-time opportunity for websites to convert visitors into leads and contacts.

social media for financial advisors-Paladin Digital Marketing
Local SEO for financial advisors-Paladin Digital Marketing

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