Digital Marketing For Financial Advisors

An Introduction to Digital Marketing For Financial Advisors

Financial Advisor's Guide To Effective Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing for Financial Advisors?

Digital marketing for financial advisors is a set of digital tools designed to meet investors where and when they are doing research and/or selecting an advisor for their financial needs. Connecting with investors where they are likely to be and providing what they are looking for are the keys to successful digital marketing and it all starts with a fully optimized website.

Every financial advisor in America has a website. 82% have told Paladin Digital Marketing that their websites are not producing a consistent flow of qualified leads that they can contact to schedule interviews. 

What is missing? At the risk of stating the obvious, financial advisor websites do not produce their own traffic. Internet visibility produces traffic (website visitors) that the websites convert into qualified leads. The greater the visibility on the Internet, the more traffic visits the websites of financial advisors.

A standard conversion rate for financial advisor websites is approximately 1% so 500 visitors per month should produce 5 leads and 1,000 visitors should produce 10 leads.

There are several digital marketing tools and services that impact the visibility of financial advisor websites on the Internet:

  • Blog articles
  • Pillar pages
  • Social media posts
  • Local SEO
  • Free offers (eBooks)
  • Email marketing
  • Video

The consistent production of new and timely content that addresses the common pain points of your targeted audience in the form of blog articles, pillar pages, videos, and social media posts will impact the visibility of your financial advisory firm in the major search engines.

Perhaps the most important Google requirement, and digital marketing strategy, is the production of fresh, original content that succinctly answers the user’s inquiry. 

Financial advisors use digital marketing processes and the Internet to:

  • Build brand awareness for their firms
  • Increase their credibility and trust
  • Produce traffic for their websites
  • Compete with other financial advisor websites 
  • Convert website traffic into qualified leads

Digital marketing for financial advisors solves two primary needs for investors.

First, it is a way to find financial advisors on the Internet. All investors have to enter in Google is “find a financial advisor near me” or “find a financial advisor in Dallas” and they have page after page of choices.

Second, investors can research financial advisors, using online information, before they initiate contact with them to schedule introductory interviews. And, they can remain anonymous until they are ready to contact financial advisors.

Financial advisor marketing is necessary to promote and grow your advisory brand. Financial advisors benefit from digital marketing because it enables them to connect with potential clients and showcase their niche services in a way that is most helpful and engaging.


What is digital marketing for financial advisors?

Digital marketing for financial advisors is a suite of services that make the Internet a primary source for:

  • Building brand awareness
  • Increasing credibility and trust
  • Delivering financial information
  • Producing qualified leads

What are the primary components of financial advisor digital marketing?

  • Content marketing (blog articles, pillar pages)
  • Social media (multiple channels)
  • Local SEO (100 + directories)
  • Free offers (eBooks, webinars)
  • Email marketing (promotion)
  • Lead generation websites

How does digital marketing for financial advisors work?

Financial Advisor Digital marketing services provide:

  • Visibility: Makes financial advisors easier to find on the Internet
  • Traffic: Increased number of visitors to financial advisor websites
  • Conversions: Websites convert more visitors into qualified leads
  • Technology: Manages the sales funnel for financial advisors

Why do financial advisors need digital marketing?

Increasing numbers of investors are using the Internet to:

  • Find financial advisors (keyword searches)
  • Research financial advisors and the professionals who work for them (websites, name searches)
  • Contact financial advisors to schedule introductory interviews (leads)
  • Find answers to financial questions (marketing drip lists, eBooks, videos, blog articles)

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